Welcome to The Wooden Lens film collective located in San Francisco, California. We are a group that writes, direct and produce cinematic masterpieces. Whether you would like to have, we develop your film, music video, commercial we are fully equipped to bring it from conception to post completion. Or are you in search of a fresh, original idea to promote your band, business or fulfilled an artistic desire in you. We can write and develop a unique approach that is personalized to your needs.


 The Wooden Lens formed in 2009 by David Paul Malloure, Tim Lewis, and Jessica Lee Wright.  All with a desire to direct films and more so direct the movies they wanted. The first movie they made together was called My Amends. It was Directed by Dave Malloure, Produced by Jessica Lee Wright and Stars Tim Lewis. They were three friends doing exactly what they wanted making movies. They continued making movies together, and the crews got bigger and more friends joined in.Always keeping that same mentality of friends making exactly the type of movie they wanted together.


 Together they developed and made short films, music videos, documentaries. And won several awards at film festivals. In 2013 they traveled to Sundance as crew members on the James Franco-produced feature documentary "Kink". Currently, they have several feature films in the development phase. Today The Wooden Lens can be hired to make your movie dreams come alive.


Reach out to us now and let's make a movie!