Written and Directed by:  Mineko Brand

Producer:  Jessica Lee Wright

Starring:  Chris Gaw, Tim Lewis, Ben Lewis, Dave Malloure, Jessica Lee Wright 

Director of Photography: Alexander Fletcher

Knock-Knock. Who There's? A Mother-fuck'n badass movie that's who! Once again The Wooden Lens joins forces with Everyday Is A Holiday for the 24 hour film race. And of course we pulled out our secret weapon. The wise and talented GAW. 

Mineko Brand took to the helm for her directorial debut backed by Jessica Lee Wright producing, Sadie Shaw in on-site-editorial and producing, and Alexander Fletcher as Director of Photography. 

And with the ultimate cast; Chris Gaw, Ben Lewis, Tim Lewis, Dave Malloure, Jessica Lee Wright, this picture is comedy heaven.  We spent almost as much time laughing as shooting and it really made for some fantastic fun.

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The perfect cast for the funniest script. When it comes to being belligerent at a bar Chris Gaw, Ben Lewis, Tim Lewis and Dave Malloure are professionals.  They have been preparing for this part through method acting training for collectively they entire lives.

With the beautiful Jessica Lee Wright behind the bar  telling the boys their what-for why would any reasonable person ever want to miss out on this drinking comedy. 

Made for The 24 Hour Film Race 2013 this little flick is going to knock you off your bar stool then throw you another beer.








Sound:  Francis Reyes-Bolinger



Gaffer:  Pete Peterson



Editor:  Sadie Shaw



Director of Photography:  Alexander Fletcher



Director:  Mineko Brand



Producer:  Jessica Lee Wright