Written and Directed by:  Pete Peterson

Producer: Jessica Lee Wright

Starring:  Shannon Anderson, John Boles, Marc Nordstrom, Jesse Barrio


Our good friend and constant collaborator Pete Peterson rallied the troops for this stylized noir suspense drama.  He tapped Shannon Anderson for the lead who torn it up on set and rode the role for all it could it. John Boles, Marc Normstorm and Jesse Barrios support. 

Produced by Jessica Lee Wright, shot by Dave Malloure, wardrobe by Karyn Hunt and sound by Steve Krespel, obviously all the pieces are there for a smash success and an all around good time.

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Shannon Anderson rules the screen. Having never been in front of the camera before this young buck took right to it and skated off with the gold. Surely to be seen somewhere soon again.

John Boles was the perfect counter part to Shannon. His experience and wisdom of his craft shown through the character he played. The two together was like dynamite and matches.


Costume Designer:  Karyn Hunt



Assistant Director:  Mineko Brand



Co-Producer:  Sadie Shaw & Tamara Fenwick



Director of Photography:  Dave Malloure



Gaffer:  Josh Self



Sound:  Steve Krespel



Producer:  Jessica Lee Wright



Director:  Pete Peterson