Written and Directed by:  Alexander Fletcher

Producers: Heather McLean, Jessica Lee Wright

Starring:  Tim Lewis, Steve Krepel, David Paul Malloure, John Hoogasian 

Director of Photography:  Alexander Fletcher

Gaffer: Pete Peterson 


Birthographer will go down in history as the funniest movie ever made. No doubt about it. Alex Fletcher's brainchild stars Tim Lewis, Dave Malloure, Steve Krespel and John Hoogasian. Shot in one day, also by Fletch this masterpiece was a roller coaster ride full of laughs and lightening speed magic. We had so much fun making this movie every one of us almost drowned in the sea of hilarity we created. Check out the photos and look for this video on the web soon. Godspeed.


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Production Stills

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DOCTOR:  John Hoogasian



G. AFFER Dave Malloure






SOUND GUY STEVE:  Steve Krespel



The Story

Birth is your first look at a new a life and it's first look at the world. It's can be one of the most beautiful and touching times in all for anyone. A true miracle. It's the job of maybe just one man to capture this moment. Perserve it's memory and stop time for just that instant and a few surrounding it. 

If you need to deliver a baby you call doctor. It you need it documented, you call Wayne Burton. The Birthographer.

Wayne may seem a little bit country but trust me he's all rock'n'roll. He got his spurs at a wedding with a priest right there. He know's the meaning of the word action and he took it he saw this untapped market.

The Wooden Lens was able to check up with this great man for one of his epic deliveries and we are grateful. For, though the magic of childrearing is special, Wayne Burton and his crew have a more powerful and unique magic that takes a step further adding it's own creative flare to the miracle of life.