Written and Directed by:  Jessica Lee Wright

Producer: Jessica Lee Wright, Lyniel Dao, 

Starring:  Brooke Schmill, Tess Coughlin, Kate Rohan, Chandra Karp, Berkeley Baker, Rosa Sifuentz, Chris Loverro

Director of Photography: Dave Malloure

Editor: Alisa Simonds
Sound Design:
Eric Katsuleres

Bitty, a 16-year-old girl from Idaho leaves the comfort of her home in search of Jimmy, her childhood sweetheart in San Francisco. Instead of being reunited with Jimmy, she finds herself penniless and with no place to stay. She happens to meet Maggie, a 17-year-old runaway and they become fast friends. The two girls face a world of trouble when Maggie introduces Bitty to group of older girls that use them to run drugs across town.

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About The Director

Jessica always found emense power in coming of age stories. Callow Bandits is her attempt to share snippets of her friends lives and her own childhood when she move to San Francisco seven days shy of her 18th birthday. Although Callow Bandits is fiction it is inspired by many wild and beautiful friendships Jessica experienced in her formative years. 

Jessica Lee Wright wrote and directed Callow Bandits while she attended Berkeley Digital Film Institute. Her fellow classmates worked closely with her on shooting several scenes from a larger screenplay she is currently writing.