Written and Directed by:  David Paul Malloure

Producers: Jessica Lee Wright

Starring:  Jessica Sapick

Director of Photography:  Deepa Pathak

Co-Producer: Tim Lewis

Production Designer:  Harmony Nichol

The dream production was a blast. It was a visual challenge and we just might of pulled it off. It's the short story of a girl in a waking dream. Starring Jessica Sapick. Directed by Dave Malloure. Produced by Wooden Lens. We were working with top of the line equipment and had a top notch crew. What a fucking night!
There's a time lapse of the whole ordeal.
Realness Coming Soon!


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Production Stills

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About Dream

The idea for Dream came when were asked to do a shoot involving a green screen for a spec commercial project. Dave decide to do his project as a commercial for sleep but as the preproduction got underway the project grew and became an experimental short about a girl dreaming.

We shot in a set that we constructed on the edge of a green screen cove. We had to build the whole thing right when we got there because the studio was booked back to back. We shot with a RED One and Arri Super Speed Primes. He set up a DIT station right inside the studio so we could test things out in real time. Deepa Pathak did a great job behind the camera and Jessica Sapick in front of it. Everything really turned out.

The special effects where of course the hardest part. We had a very complicated dolly shot from inside our set to the green screen cove. It was ambitious shot but in the end it work out and I'm glad we tried it.

The film is set to a song by the Secret Chiefs 3. A band The Wooden Lens is a huge admirer of.



DREAMER:  Jessica Sapick



Jessica is a great actress and a good friend of The Lens. She can be found in Sean Sullivan's film Laundry (2009) as well as The Cosmic Joke (2011)

It was a real pleasure to work with Jessica. She was very open to ideas and brought a lot to the table in terms of her ability.

She had exactly the look we wanted and was a lot of fun to have on set. We look forward to bring her back in the future.