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This isn't a movie or music video. I don't think it's a film either. It would qualify as a montage but most things of this nature do. It took about eight hours to shoot this video. Guess how many people worked on it? One. Hopefully that number will expand to Two soon and someone will clean up the edits and put it to a cheaper song. enjoy.

Watch EXIT  2 !

Production Stills

The Story

The story of Exit 1 is a kind and simple one, much like a man who walked into a bar jokes. But at the same time it has some deep complexities and dwell way beneath the surface. It's almost as if they aren't there at all until they come out and slap you right in the face.

On the other hand there is Exit 2. A very authentic sequel that respects it's predecessors themes and delivery. When it comes down to the layers as compared to Exit 1 it operates on a much different level. One that is more clandestine and otherworldly. Either way both films are about subtly and the nature of being a man trapped in a cement jungle or other prision of the spirit.