Directed by:  Jessica Lee Wright

Written By: Sam LeClaire and Jessica Lee Wright

Starring:  Sam LeClaire

Director of Photography:  David Paul Malloure

Gaffer and Assistant Camera: Sean Laskey 


This was a fun one. We had some time with our friend Sean Laskey and a young actress, Sam LeClaire. We we're really supossed to be doing camera tests but we ended up making this little short. Written by Jessica and Sam LeClaire, Directed by Jessica Lee Wright. Shot by Dave Malloure and Lit and Produced by Sean Laskey. Dave put a little edit together to some unlicensed Sonic Youth tunes and the product is this little 2 minute short.

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Production Stills

The Story

Fluffy is the visual story of a young girl going to school and coming home to find out some really band news. The story is told mainly trough the frame of the camera and Sam LaClaire's spirited acting. 

Once again, this was delvoped through a camera test turning into a real live movie short. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves. We have to make movies.

Jessica and Sam had fun coming up with this little short for your entertainment. So watch it and enjoy.