Written and Directed by:  David Paul Malloure

Producer: Tim Lewis

Starring:  FUKM

Director of Photography:  David Paul Malloure


Here's One of the first music videos we ever shot.  It was done it just a small amount of time for pretty much no money. It's always great to work with band like FUKM because they are just down guys. It was about 4 hours before we started shooting that we first talked. We just called them up and told them our idea and they were physced. The video really came together and it was a great time to make. 


Gaffer: Bill Ulleseit

Assistant Camera: Deep Pathak


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Production Stills

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About The Band

Joe Fink_____________Vocals
Greg Elliott__________Guitar
Mikey Merritt________Bass
Jerrod Maybre_______Guitar
John Lazarus________Drums

Record Label Bomb Blast Records

General Manager D.B.O. Management

"No Escape" is now on sale at Rasputin's, Ameoba, and The Avenue.

What do you think of cops? FUKM!! What do you think of banks? FUKM!! What do you think of corporations? FUKM!!

Hometown Oakland CA

About The Shoot

The FUKM shoot was great one. It was the same time that we had made Dream and The Worker and had access to the RED One and The Ziess Super Speed Lenes. We called up the band and told them we had this gear would they want to shoot a music video that night. They said yes and we met them down at Soundwave Studios in Oakland, Ca.

We shot the band from about 18 steps-up, the idea being to capture the most detailed live performance possible. The band all rocked out for 20 takes, we wrapped with beers and took it home to work on. 

The finished product can be seen here or on FUKM's website. Check it Out!