Written and Directed by:  David Paul Malloure

Producers: David Paul Malloure

Starring:  MC Meathook

Director of Photography:  David Paul Malloure


The ongoing saga of MC Meathook as seen by The Wooden Lens. We've been shooting Lance and The Vital Organs for almost a year now. We've even managed a few interveiws with him and his friends. Here's some scraps we found on the editing room floor. It looks like a rough cut of a documentary but it could be some public access sex confession show damaged in a fire. Who knows.

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About The Documentary

One of the first events of The Wooden Lens ever was this: Tim and Dave were walking down Telegraph in Oakland. This this crazy looking, glam-goth-metal-punk looking dude approaches them and tries to get them to come to his show. He said they were going to film it. Dave asks what they are going to film it on? Meathook pulls the camera out of his pocket. Tim says they have an HD camera back at the house and they offer to film the show. And they did. And it was quite the show! Some of which can be seen in this short documentary.

Dave choose Mc Meathook as his first documentary subject not because he was an outrageous shock-rocker who would piss off the stage or spray his crowd with a blood pump. They didn't choose him because he allowed the crowd to staple dollars bills to body and played with a small of equally interesting miscreants. He choose Lance M. Hook because is one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. On a good day he is friendly and lovable and outgoing. On a bad day he's just sad and lovable. Nonetheless, he's one hell of a guy and knows most people in little SF. 

The story follows him for just a short time as he goes about his day to business and gives his philophy on rock and roll, himself, you and the world at large. We see his stage show juxtaposed with his downtime and his free time juxtaposed with his daydreams. 


Who is MC Meathook? 

MC Meathook is a man. And not only is he a man, he is not like other men. He's in a rock band that plays all over the bay. He wears a leather jacket on even the hottest of days. If you let him he will sleep with you and drink your booze, in either order. 

Meathook will listen to your problems and relate to by telling you about his. He will make you laugh and most likely give you a kiss. He loves most people. And most people love him. 

He will surprise you and often offend you. He might take it too far. He's just one of those dudes. He pours most of his energy into his band, MC Meathook and The Vital Organs. Come to San Francisco, you can see them play live.