The Story

Written and Directed by:  David Paul Malloure

Producers: Jessica Lee Wright, David Paul Malloure, Julie Wind

Starring:  David Paul Malloure, Florentino Gonzolaz, Kelly Dervin,

Robert Tilden, Daniel Roberts

Director of Photography:  Sean Laskey

Editor: Staci DeGange 

Sound Design:  Paul Bertin

LONE has been the largest undertaking by The Wooden Lens to date. It's the Story of Billy Walker, a wanderer who gives up on the American dream and walks into the desert meeting strangers and quietly figuring out what his life is worth. Written and Directed by Dave Malloure. Starring Dave Malloure, Jessica Lee Wright, and Tim Lewis. Shot by Sean Laskey. Wardrobe by Kate Rohan (My Baby Loves Me, Callow Bandits), Production Design by Harmony Nichol (Dream, My Baby Loves Me, Callow Bandits, Harriet). Edited by Staci DeGagne. (Dream) We had all of the friends come out for this one.


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Billy Walker, a young outcast silent type decides to change his life. First he abandons all in worldly possessions  and then he heads out into the emptiness of the high deserts in the the west and walks along the barren highway looking for a ride. He finds one with an odd elderly couple and a other with a unlikely soft hearted mechanic. But mostly he finds loneliness and fear. After an encounter with two inhospitable country boys that leaves him battered in the sun he is taken in by a strange friend and glimpses for a moment a bit of sanctuary and some relief from quest. Though he leaves with the sun in the morning and walks out to find out how close to the edge of life and being forgotten he can come.

LONE is a story about restlessness and uncertainly. It relies heavily on visuals to tell it's tale. "It definitely defines the beginning of one spectrum of my style." Recounts Dave. "It was the first movie where we really went for a full production. With multiple days on location, serval large location moves a day, and rotating cast of 10,  full G&E and camera team, production design team, hair and make-up. We produced the whole thing ourselves with me acting and directing. I had designed a style with Sean [Laskey] which involve a lot of complex camera moves that would cover the whole scene. We met starting 6 weeks before shooting. And it was just my Thesis for school..  ...I learned more on this on this project than any other."

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The production of LONE took place over the course of 6 days in the high desert just outside Reno, NV. The Wooden Lens and friends assembled a crew of about 12, plus a cast of 10 and brought them all out there. Just on the edge of society, before it drops off to the open and unforgiving Nevada terrain. We did about 6 weeks prep while still working on other projects and Jessica  and I came out twice for a total of 5 days locations scouting. We cast all the actors in San Francisco and brought and put them up in Sparks, NV. The crew was all friends we knew from filmmaking in the bay.

One of those friends was Sean Laskey, Bay Area Director of Photography. He made it possible for us to shoot in 4K with his RED One. Combined with our plans to use our other production tools like the jib and the dolly together made it so we could make a film with production value like you'd see in any cinema. The new tools available in digital cinematography have a real effect on production companies like The Wooden Lens. It gives us the ability to compete with the big boys on a much more level playing field.

One of the other things that I did in this production I will almost certainly never do again is act and direct at the same time. Not that it took and thing away from the film, I actually believe the stress of the whole production added to the delivery of my character's inner struggle because I was actually going through a lot. Just like you would on any production you're spear-heading but this time it was doubly-so because of my duel roles.

Working in the desert in the late summer presented a challenge as well. Most of our locations where past cell phone range and sometime 30-40 miles past the nearest bathroom or store to buy water.  We had to make sure that all the vehicles in our caravan were gased up and had full coolers before we went anywhere. And if you forgot something there was pretty much no getting that day once we were on set. 



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ROBERT:  Robert Tilden



BILLy:  David Paul Malloure



There are a cast of 10 in this movie and most all have a significant roles. Billy, the protagonist, a young man who decides to search the desert to find himself is played by David Paul Malloure. Florentino Gonzales plays Clark, a quiet, tough, sentimental family man you befriends Billy. Robert Tilden plays a cowboy Billy stumbles a crossed off the road. Keely Dervin, who plays Lucille, a loopy bride to a vegetable of a man played by Daniel Roberts.   Also Jessica Lee Wright and Tim Lewis have supporting roles as Clarks wife Sarah, a gentle homekeeper, and Phillip, one of Billy's assailants, respectively.

"Everyone Really did a magnificant job. We all worked together so well. It always hard to know how people are going to respond to each other when you only have a limited amount of rehearsal time as we did with this film." Says Dave. "I'm really proud of everyone's performance is the cast. It was also very special to on on the screen with both of my founding parnters of The Wooden Lens, Tim Lewis and Jessica Lee Wright." 

David Paul Malloure spends time on both sides of the camera as he acts an directs. His supporting players, Florentino Gonzales, Keely Dervin and Daniel Roberts all give great performances. Florentino plays Clark, a simple man who lives with his family in Nevada. Without the need for many words, he shares a connection with Billy. Having Robert Tilden play the cowboy was definitely the right choice. He had a certain sort of presence that perfect.

Keely plays a woman driving her husband played by Daniel Roberts, in an old Mercedes around in what might be circles. It's on of the most magical parts of the film and Keely really delivers. 

One of the more special things about LONE is Both of Keely's children her cast. Dersa played Clarks daughter, April and Quentin plays a mysterious boy that Billy meets on his journey.

Filling out the cast was Scott Crossman, Tim Lewis and Jessica Lee Wright. Having such a large ensemble was a new and really enjoyable experience. Everyone brought their own style to the table and we all got along swimmingly. We look forward to working with any and all of these actors again. 

And of course it's alway exciting when we have all three founding members of The Wooden Lens represented in one of our movies. Working together is why we do what we do.


About The Production

CLARK:  Florentino Gonzales



LUCILLE:  Keely Dervin