Written and Directed by:  David Paul Malloure

Producer: Jessica Lee Wright

Starring:  Tim Lewis

Director of Photography:  David Paul Malloure


My Amends was the first and one of the most serendipitous films The Wooden Lens ever produced. Shot in Oakland, CA, where The Lens began, in over 20 locations. Most of the movie was filmed with Dave laying on the back of his brothers car while Jessica drove as Tim walked down the sidewalk.  The final scene was film at a secret location, featuring a ceramic porpoise  facing San Francisco, where The Lens lives now. Much of this movie hit the cutting room floor, streamlined to this lovely visual short. Enjoy.


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Production Stills

The Story

This was the first movie The Wooden Lens made together. Not only that the whole crew was The Wooden Lens, besides actor Evan Shaerer. It said a lot about what the future was going to hold for us. 

It could be said that LONE is apart of the My Amends Trilogy, which a third movie of feature length Dave has written but has not put into preproduction, Fences (working title), as the final film.

"My Amends will always be one of my favorite films not only for sentimental first film reason but because it showed me what filmmaking was really about, which was, being with friends, planning, and in the end killing your darlings. At least those are the lessons I learned from making this picture."

                                                                  -David Paul Malloure