The Concept

Written and Directed by:  David Paul Malloure

Producer: Jessica Lee Wright

Starring:  Tim Lewis, Duke Cole

Director of Photography:  Alexander Fletcher

Sound Design: Steve Krespel 

Editor:  David Paul Malloure

Late one night in the depths of the San Francisco, The Wooden Lens assembled a high caliber crew to throw down 'til sunrise, creating one of our favorite pieces yet. One of the most fun for sure. Tim Lewis gives his most intense and personal performance in Dave Malloure's quick short about working, waiting and hating the shit out of yourself. Jessica was our Assistant Director, and Zach Ruef came one to help with the stunts. With Alexander Fletcher behind the camera and Jo Erin Bjerke there to help him out, all the elements came to together to make this chilling tale of self-loathing a fun ride for the whole family.


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The idea for Night Owl came from the need for a special effects shot in Fletch and Dave's Reel. The guys had access to a RED One MX for just one evening and were initially just going to bring it to the studio for tests and reel shots. Then that visual grew into a short story the next day and The Wooden Lens was assembled to make a short. We already had Tim and Jessica, Dave and Fletch, so we called our favorite sound guy Steve Krespel and our friends Duke Cole and Zach Ruef to help out with a couple stunts. And boom! We had a production underway. 

Dave edited the movie himself and did the color-grading as well. Steve Krespel and Wynne Martin designed an amazing score which includes original music all performed and recorded by the pair.  Stevel Krespel also creating the sound design with many parts from scratch. His work truly made this movie what it is. He gave it atmosphere and personality.

"I'm always amazed what your able to accomplish with a little, or a lot, of help from your friends. That's the most beautiful part about The Lens. We all want to want movies and just be on set with our friends. Without that type of camaraderie and passion none of our projects would ever make it off the ground." Comments Dave. 

The film went on to screen as an Official Selection at The Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival in 2012. 


Alex is an amazing shooter. he has worked on numerous films including features like Low Budget Ethnic Movie, a comedy by Danny Yoon and Muffler Men, a documentary by his company Clean White Lines. He's also shot music videos for well-known bands like Tapes'n'Tapes, The Stone Foxes and Hank IV. He is a good friend and frequent collaborator of The Wooden Lens. He's an up and coming cinematographer in the Bay Area as well as other places he travels. You can see his directorial work in our film Birthographer and more of his cinematic work in films to come.

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Director of Photography:  Alexander Fletcher



Another dear friend of The Lens, Steve is great at what he does. We've worked with him serval times outside the company but this is the first time of many he's come on for one of our's. Not only did he do an amazing job on the sound design he also did the location recording as well. This movie would not be what is it without Steve's hard work in the sound lab. He brought the voice of the movie out of the shadows. 

Sound Designer:  Steve Krespel



Original Music:  Wynne Martin and Steve Krespel



Wynne and Steve got together to make the score for this film and lord knows how they made some of the sounds they did. They really captured the eerie feeling and brought up the levels of suspense. They added layers and layers of foley and score to give Night Owl it's life.

MASON:  Tim Lewis



Tim Lewis is not only a founder of The Wooden Lens and Producer, he's also an actor. Having a part on the film as well as crewing has always been Tim's fortay but this is the first film that he has had the starring role and he nailed it! Which is good because the part was written just for him. If you love Tim Lewis then you will definately love Night Owl. Go on a deep dark emotional journey with one of the finest good 'ol boys around.



Duke Cole is not a name your going to see on a lot of Wooden Lens Production. He's almost always involved and provides us with a lit of access to the deeper parts of the city but most of the time he prefers the shadows. He came out for this one and helped Tim get thrown into a wall so to speak, again and again. He was so proud of Tim and his performance that he demanded this be his first credited role on one of our films. It was a very odd exchange but he did the work so he gets the credit, simple as that. Here's to it Duke.

Stunts:  Duke Cole




Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival picks Night Owl as an Official Selection for it's 2012 program.