Written and Directed by:  David Paul Malloure

Produces: David Paul Malloure

Starring:  David Paul Malloure

Director of Photography:  David Paul Malloure

Editor: David Paul Malloure 


This isn't a movie or music video. I don't think it's a film either. It would qualify as a montage but most things of this nature do. It took about eight hours to shoot this video. Guess how many people worked on it? One. Hopefully that number will expand to Two soon and someone will clean up the edits and put it to a cheaper song. enjoy.

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Production Stills

The Story

As it goes, Dave has hanging out late at SFSDF's studio while they had a RED One and some Ziess Super Speed T1.2 lenses hanging around. At the time the RED One was a brand new thing and god-damn dream come true in a young filmmakers hands. 

Dave spent the night pushing the camera on a doorway dolly back and forth down the hall, composing different shots, trying different lenses and setting and learning the new camera.

Dave recalls, "It was such a privillage to spend the time I was able to with the RED. For 10 days, 12 to 16 hours a day I just played with the camera. I learned it inside and out, from set-up to post. I made so many projects during that time. It was an invaluable experience."