Writing and Directing


We are lucky to work with several accomplished writers that are available to turn your ideas into a solid story that will translate beautifully to screen. We pride ourselves on writing all our content and would love to help you create a cinematic fiction or non-fiction allegory that will have an audience on its knees. We have won awards for original narrative scripts at film festivals across Canada and the USA.  Currently, we are perfecting several features and short format scripts slotted for production this year. We are available to provide you with the visual storytelling you desire. Let us help you put pen to page.



The Wooden Lens offers experienced directors that have an eye for vivid narrative storytelling. From casting and working with actors, they will find the perfect way to tell the important stories of our time. Choosing the right way to inform the story through locations, set design and wardrobe. Our directors focus on each element from conception to completion.